O Christmas Tree

Taking a break from our Disney trip postings to remind myself that Christmas really is just 2 days away. Despite our trying schedule this month, we did manage to get a tree up.

Jocelyn took care of the tree stand for us.

While eating a cookie. That girl loves her cookies.

Thank goodness Jaina is old enough/tall enough to help me stand the tree up now!

I accidentally set the tree down in the stand wrong and she had to help me lift it back up out of there.

Like most families, we get new ornaments every year. When my kids leave home to start their families, they will be taking a ton of ornaments with them that they have collected over the years.

Its funny to me that we have Elmo, Cookie Monster, Minnie Mouse, Blues Clues, and Dora ornaments. None of them are Jocelyn's, though. They belong to Jaina and Jayce when they were 2,3 and 4 years old.

Jocelyn thinks they are hers, though.

Jocelyn had a hard time understanding that the ornaments needed to stay on the tree.

But you know what? For an almost 2 year old, she has done an excellent job of not touching the ornaments or taking them off the tree. She hasn't always been happy about it, but she's been very obedient.

The presents under the tree, on the other hand? Well, that's a different story :)


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