Pre-Christmas 2013

I call anything "Christmasy" related, but not pictures taken on the actual Christmas Day, "Pre-Christmas". We were so busy this December that we will actually have to do a little "Post-Christmas" instead. We still have to go to Roper Mountain to see the lights. Use our Chimney Rock passes, too. And possibly a trip to the Children's Museum for the fake snow.

I'm not worried. We've got time :)

Here's a little Pre-Christmas at the Walker House:

 Our Tree

 We brought a little Disney home with us
 My favorite Willow Tree

Jocelyn bangs on the keys and sings, at the top of her lungs, "O Christmas Tree! Jingle Bells!"

 My Santa Bank from the 1980's

 Our Little People Nativity. Minus the Virgin Mary that was eaten by the dog.

And the very thing that started Jocelyn's Snoopy Obsession...

Glittery Pinecones

Christmas Books

Watching Mickey Mouse on TV

Best of Both Worlds: Peanuts and Disney

And I finally convinced her to sit in front of the tree...

And not to leave Jaina and Jayce out...

Jaina's first Middle School Choir Concert

She received flowers from her daddy, who had to work late and missed it.

Jayce had a speaking part in his 3rd grade musical "Crazy Christmas"

He was also a dancing elf in one musical number, but he was hidden behind the chorus the entire time!

I am so thankful that Christmas is finally here. We have spent the day in our pajamas, watching TV, and just enjoying each other. 

Merry Christmas!!


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