Our Disney Trip Day Three: Epcot!

Wednesday Morning couldn't get here fast enough, according to Jayce. I secretly think that Brian was super excited about Epcot, too. I mean, TEST TRACK!

I never remember caring about Epcot when I was a kid. I mean, that little purple dragon Figment was kinda cute. But I remember not liking Living in the Land or the Carousel of Progress. However, my family LOVED those rides.

 We arrived at the park pretty late in the morning which didn't leave much time for us to ride many things before heading to Norway to check in for our Princess Storybook Lunch.

By the way, I LOVED the Norway ride :) Jaina claims it was scary.

I had visions of dressing Jocelyn up in Jaina's hand-me-down Belle gown, but Jocelyn wasn't having any of it. She could have cared less about the princesses. But Jaina and Jayce loved all the attention.

Then we hung out at the World Showcase. 

Brian and the kids signed up for Agent P's mission and had a blast with that while I sat and rested with a sleeping Jocelyn.

Finally, it was time to ride Test Track and Mission Space with our fast passes. Jocelyn couldn't ride those, so Brian took one kid while the other two and I bought Ears. Then we switched. All three kids loved their ears. Jocelyn still wears hers daily :)

Epcot wasn't insanely crowded, so Jocelyn got a lot of time out of the stroller to walk around.

It was getting dark and we were contemplating leaving when we walked by a Character spot that only had a 5 minute wait. I asked the attendant, "Who's the character there right now?" And just happened to be Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. So, we got to see Mickey a 3rd time!!!


As you can see, Jocelyn did much better with Mickey this time :) She kissed his nose several times and gave him a High Five. :)

We ended our day at Epcot on a great note :)


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