Cheer Camp

My 12 year old tried out for the Middle School cheerleading squad this past Spring... and didn't make it :( It was the first time one of my kids had experienced real disappointment. I was very proud of Jaina and how she handled it.

At first, she decided she wouldn't try out again. She'd concentrate on her tumbling classes and improving her skills there.

She did, however, agree to one session of Summer Cheer Camp.

And she loved it! Even more than last year!

Her friend Reagan signed up for the same week and rode to the performance with us.

The girls performed at the Greenville Drive baseball game in front of a big crowd.

I recorded the performance at the field, but its on Jaina's phone, not mine. (As are the rest of the pictures I took there!) but I have this recording from practice the day before.


  1. Fun! I'm glad she was able to handle the disappointment well and keep doing what she loves...that's a lesson I think is really important to learn. She looks so grown up in that first pic!


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