Terrific Twos

Age Two looks different on every kid.

Jaina? She was an awesome two year old. But boy could she throw down a tantrum. And I distinctly remember her testing the limits a lot. Yet, most of my memories of her contain dress-up clothes, her first movie in a theater, playing with stuffed animals, and her play kitchen.

(I don't have as many digital pictures of her at this age since I mainly used my film camera back then)

Jayce was a totally different two year old than his sister. He was intense. Some people like to say "high needs" but its basically the same. He needed constant supervision. I do remember a lot of Thomas the Train back when he was two. But I also remember the screaming. And constantly trying to figure out what he wanted and how to make him happy.

It stands to reason that Jocelyn would be her own individual brand of two years old as well.

She is extremely verbal and social, just like her sister was, but much more cautious and slow-to-warm with new people and new situations. She is way more attached to me than either Jaina or Jayce were at this age. Jocelyn is very sensitive herself and shows empathy for other people.

Although I love all three of my children very, very, very much, I have to admit that I am enjoying Jocelyn's two year old phase a lot more than her siblings. Its okay... the Karma gods will make sure I don't enjoy another age and stage of hers at some point :)

I love her personality.
I think its funny that she has an intense love for Minnie and Mickey Mouse, but still has loyal interests with other things, too.
I smile when she says, "I hug you, Mommy!" when she wants to be held.
I laugh when she puts herself in Time-Out in solidarity with Jayce when he gets sent to his room.
I cannot believe that she is so ruthless when she tickles me. She goes straight for my neck and doesn't let up, laughing manically the entire time.
I love how she is so contradictory. "No, I not tired mommy." But if you say you are tired, she says, "No, I'M tired!"

I never want to forget her expressions:

"Are you happy, mommy?" she asks me daily.
"I not a baby, I a BIG girl! But I wear a diaper."
"I don't hear a tinkle tinkle in the potty. It doesn't want to come out!"
"It is not nap time. The sun is still up!"
 "Let me do it!"
"I need help, please. No, only MOMMY help me!"
"I miss my Jayce. Where's my brudder?"
"I not wear clothes. I wear my swimsoup and my swim bottoms."
"These not match. I need pink shoes with my pink swimsoup."
"I so proud of you!"
"Go pick up Jaina? She not go to Kelsey's house. She stay home."

One thing that I regret is that we no longer have our sony VHS camcorder. I know technology is supposed to be better now with camera phones and you tube but its not the same. I have 6 VHS tapes full of 10 years of my older two children's lives. All I have recorded of Jocelyn are snippets here and there.

I recorded this interview with her the other day. Forgive me for not turning the camera sideways. I always forget!


  1. How sweet!

    My son was a wild 2 year old.

    My daughter was just sassy. But not as wild. Just...bossy.


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