Those Summer Nights

I'm a little bit in denial that Summer is already half over.

Truth be told, we forgot to make a Summer Bucket List as we've done in the past. We were hoping to just cram in a whole bunch of fun in these 10 weeks. Unfortunately, getting our van's transmission rebuilt (and then finding two subsequent leaks) and multiple doctor's appointments have stood in the way of us having accomplished way more than we've wanted to.

We have attended the weekly $1 summer movies, though. And both kids have each done a week of sports camp (baseball for Jayce, cheer/tumbling for Jaina). We've gone to the beach. We've seen a baseball game. We visited the Children's Museum.

Its also been nice that we've had plenty of down time. Jocelyn caught her first lightning bug (That's a fire fly to you northerners!) last week with Jaina's help. We've filled up the little baby pool in the driveway and made use of our sprinklers. We've all read books and visited the library numerous times.

My favorite part of Summer, though, has been going out in the backyard after dinner.

I remember Brian doubting if our Rainbow playset would get any use or if Jaina would outgrow it before too long. The kids use it every day.

Jaina likes to practice her tumbling out on the grass or trampoline.

Jayce likes to swing or help push Jocelyn.

Someone will usually play Fetch with Shaggy.

And Little Miss likes to swing while listening to Laurie Berkner's Favorite Hits. The song de jour is "Victor Vito". I need to get it on video. Jocelyn is hilarious!

And speaking of Jocelyn... I think we may need to stage an intervention.

And yes, I do take it off of her every once in awhile and make her wash it.

We have a lot to look forward to this July. We're going to make this Summer... wait for it!... Legendary!!!

Now I must go watch reruns of How I Met Your Mother and try not to cry thinking of the season finale.

I hope you all are enjoying your Summers, whether they be laid back or full of fun, too!


  1. awesome pictures! looks like you guys are having so much fun!! and now you make me want to go watch HIMYM reruns!! ;)


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