Our 4th of July

I feel kind of done talking about the beach. Goodness, its been a long two weeks. I feel like our beach vacation was ages ago.

My mom made these adorable mickey themed patriotic shirts. You know, we had to do something since Little Miss only wears character themed clothing. But wouldn't you know it... she is currently going through a "swimsuit phase" thanks to the beach and whined the whole time about her 4th of July outfit. Toddlers!

So, we had a party. And I totally did not expect people to come on time. I started a craft project about the time that everyone started showing up. I had lots of help!

There was a keg of RJ rockers beer, yummy beef burgers, and about 30 people to help us celebrate. Kan Jam was played. Kids ran round on the swings and trampoline.

And when it got dark enough, we lit some horribly inexpensive ($9.99 at walmart) fireworks that pretty much did nothing but misfire. We are lucky our neighbor's yard is not burned. Seriously.

Brian forgot the sparklers for the kids but Scot and Maya saved the day!

Over all, it was a great time! I hope you all had a great time celebrating Independence Day!


  1. oh i love the outfit your mom made the kids! super cute!! and loving that last shot! sounds like such a fun time!!

  2. love the sparkler heart. I've always wanted to try that but never have!


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