The Beach: Build-a-Bear

Alternately titled: "The Only Reason We Go To Myrtle Beach".

(Oh, and please don't tell my kids we have one at the Greenville Mall. They have no idea. Build-a-Bear is special and only a beach trip thing. K? Thanx.)

This was Jocelyn's third time making her own stuffed animal, but the first time she really cared about it. She told us she was going to build a pink bunny rabbit stuffed animal.

No one is as excited as Jaina, though. She may be just 11 months away from being an official teen, but this girl still loves her stuffed animals.

Jayce picked a camouflage bear this year. The names he picks are always the best and most memorable. He has SweetTart bear (like the candy), Hobo the dog, and O.T. the monkey. This time, he named his bear Mr. Camo Bear. Fitting!

The kids picked out hearts. Jocelyn wanted to put 5 in.

Jaina picked a beautiful snowy white bear. Her name is Dr. Sky.

Jocelyn was mesmerized by the whole process.

Remember that pink bunny she wanted? She quickly changed her mind when she saw the Saber Tooth Tiger. His name is Saber.

The kids had to do all sorts of things to their animals' hearts.

Then it was time to fluff them up.

And pick out clothes. Jocelyn chose to dress her tiger like a baseball player. I tried to get her interested in the Atlanta Braves outfit but she said no.

It was a great experience, as always, and the kids played with their stuffed animals the rest of the week at the beach condo.


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