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It all started when my friend Ami hired photographer Jessica Claire to document her vow renewal in Atlanta, GA. I quickly became addicted to her photography website.

She posted some images from a shoot that included a mom, dad, and preschool aged son and mentioned that the mom was just starting her photography journey herself. Curious, I clicked on the link and found myself following Kamee June's blog.

Both Kamee and Jessica (along with DrewB and Jasmine Star) are photographers that serve the greater Orange County area in California. I just love their own unique styles of photography. I secretly would try to figure out the most cost effective way for me to meet one of these talented ladies, either have a photo session with them, or a mentoring session. Since airfare to California from SC isn't cheap, and a cross-country drive with three children is pretty much out of the question, I just figured that I would never get a chance to meet them any time soon.

Kamee mentioned on her blog that she *might* be traveling to the NC area this Spring. I immediately emailed her and asked if she could let me know if she did end up coming. After a couple of schedule rearrangements, a final date was set in June.


So, then I had to decide if I wanted to have a mentoring session or a photo session with her. I figured her mentoring would be invaluable but I would be disappointed if I didn't have her images hanging in my home. A photography session it is!

I'm going to be honest. Even with the special she ran in the Spring and graciously extended to our Summer session, she costs 3-4 times what an on location custom photographer costs in this area. I had to save my money! My kids were sick of hearing, "No, we can't eat out today. I am saving my money for pictures!"

Choosing outfits was next to impossible. Jocelyn only wanted to wear MInnie Mouse and I wasn't about to wear black and red in the June heat and humidity. I finally picked the following:

We let Jocelyn stay in her Minnie Mouse swimsuit as long as possible.

We left to pick up Jayce from baseball camp and then hit the road to drive to Charlotte, NC which is about 70 miles from our home.

I picked the location of our session to be Belmont Abbey College after suggestions from my FB friends. We arrived a bit early so the kids ran around for a bit until Kamee and her friend Ashley arrived. 

I am really really sad that I didn't get a picture of Kamee and I on my phone :( Now how can I prove that I really met her?

She was everything I thought she would be :) Kind, funny, smart, and very good at her job. Her second shooter Ashley was amazing and great with the kids.

Here are some of my favorite images from our session:

As you can see, Brian was missing from these pictures.

This is what he said when I told him I was doing this:

"You want me to take off of work early. On a weekday. And drive to Charlotte. To take pictures that you are paying too much for. And then do it again in the Fall for Christmas pictures? NO THANKS."

So I told Kamee these were my mother's day presents to myself :P

It was an amazing experience and I am SO glad I got to meet her :)

Now to get my pictures printed!


  1. I love the one with you and Jocelyn touching foreheads! Frame that one for sure!

  2. Love these photos! You always take such good ones.


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