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I almost bestowed the title "Hair today, gone tomorrow" on this post but thought better of it at the last minute. I suck at thinking of post titles, but really... I know I don't suck *that* badly :)

So, my sweet 12 year old middle schooler, who has been growing her hair out for the past few years, started asking me when I could take her to get her hair cut.

I thought it was a passing fancy so I pretty much just put her off.

After a full month of pestering, I figured she probably really was ready.

Jaina wanted to get her hair cut because she realized that l-o-n-g hair was a pain in the butt to style. And lately, she's really been into blow drying, straightening, and curling her hair.

I thought it was a very mature decision. She looked online for some hair length inspiration. I asked her if she'd be willing to donate at least 8 inches for the Pantene program. At first, she was scared to cut off so much length. Then I got the measuring tape out and showed her exactly how long 8 inches was.
(Ugh, just realized those pictures are on HER phone, not mine).

I called our salon to schedule an appointment for her last Thursday. She unexpectedly didn't have choir practice AND it was an afternoon that my mom was coming over anyway to hang out with Jayce and Jocelyn. Perfect!

Our favorite stylist was out sick so Jaina opted for a $7.99 cut at Great Clips. I figured that they couldn't really mess up cutting a pony tail off :)

Before we went, I took Jaina's picture one last time of her with long hair.

Getting this child to settle down for a picture is about impossible! Just see...

I now just threaten to post the outtakes on instagram and tag her in them in order to get her to cooperate :) Well, candy bribes don't work as well as they do for Jocelyn!

And now, here is the after :)

Um, yeah... no one told me she was going to go in looking like a 12 year old and come out looking like a TEENAGER!

The wind was crazy when we got home so I'll have to get better pictures of her new cut some other time :)

She absolutely loves it, though. She has gotten nothing but compliments, too, so I know that makes her feel good. She loves how healthy her ends are. She loves how easy it is to wash and brush it now. Its so tangle free! She can dry and straighten it in record time.

Who knows where she'll go on her hair journey next :) I still want to take her to an actual salon in order to get it shaped up and add some layers. She's excited about all the possibilities!


  1. Jaina looks wonderful! Now if I can only get Z to agree to get a trim, too...

  2. She looks just beautiful with shorter hair! It's going to be so much fun for her to play with it too.

  3. Such a nice fresh cut! It will likely be a lot easier for her to work with now.


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