Happy Birthday Jami

We were supposed to go down to Tucker for Christmas two months ago. Instead, I got four new tires.

Then we were supposed to go down to Tucker for my dad's birthday on January 13th. Instead, my dad and stepmom got sick.

We were determined to make a visit work for my little sister's 25th birthday this past weekend.

I'm happy to say we were successful :)

We enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend with my parents and sister. My stepmom cooked spaghetti, my dad grilled hamburgers, and we ordered pizza one night. My kids were in heaven.

The dogs were in heaven, too. Supposedly their favorite food is pizza.

Jocelyn thought it was a great time to play outside. Mommy was freezing. Also, excuse her fashion choices. It was Valentine's day and I wanted her to wear her heart shirt. She agreed, but only with the condition that she leave her "jake the dog/ simba the lion" tights on. Whatever.

The only snafu of the whole weekend came when Jocelyn told Aunt Jami what kind of cake we picked out for her birthday. Three year olds are horrible secret keepers.

Jayce played Minecraft on the downstairs computer almost the entire time. He stopped long enough to watch The Lion King with us on Friday night, but that was about it.

He also brought his ipod, tablet, and DSi with him. Eh, that's what weekends at Grandpa's house are for.

I also made him take pictures with Grandpa and Aunt Jami. Jaina was pouting during this time (I can't remember. It was stupid 12 year old drama) so she refused to be in pictures.

Jaina perked up when we went out side to take pictures of Jami and her dog buddy.

Jaina had brought her "curl secret" hair tool to try out on aunt Jami.

Happy 25th Birthday Jami! Way to go making your big sister feel old! :)


  1. I'm glad you got to visit! Burgers are always a delicious meal.


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