Ice Isn't Nice. We wanted Snow.

We had about 5 minutes of actual snowflakes followed by about 6 hours of sleet and freezing rain.

You can imagine what kind of scene we woke up to.

And I love how Northern transplants love to say that they can still drive here in inclement weather. Yes, I do believe your chained tires and 4 wheel drive *can* drive in snow. But ice? Nobody can drive on ice. And we just simply don't have enough trucks to pre-treat all the roads here. Ice pretty much blocks people in.

Jocelyn insisted that our ice covered yard really was snow. And she wanted to "play" in it. I let my kids get bundled up and walk carefully down the back deck steps. Jaina fell on the bottom step but luckily didn't get hurt.

I really hope this isn't the last of our "winter weather". I'd like one good snow please. Then it can immediately be Spring :)


  1. You are right. I didn't understand why there was such alarm when it would snow/ice in South Carolina. The biggest difference is that the South isn't equipped with trucks to salt it all down quickly. I would like another snow storm too before Spring is here for good. Fingers crossed. :) Your snow bunnies sure look cute though!

  2. The thought of driving on ice terrifies me. I was hearing all the rumors of expected storms, it's too bad there wasn't snow!

  3. Brr. We got ice on Monday.

  4. We've had a lot of that up here too... It's no fun!


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