Ten on Ten :: February 2015

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Its kind of a miracle.

I completely forgot about 10 on 10 until 10:00 AM the other day (coincidence? I think not).

Even though I got a late start, I was determined to finish this month. I even remembered to take my DSLR in the van.

We started off with carrots at 10:00 AM because Brobee likes carrots. This was kind of her breakfast.

Then Brobee had to eat a popsicle. And then show me that her tongue was blue.

Noon found us in the parking lot of the preschool my mom works at. I find the old church building a beautiful sight to behold. However, it was preschool pick up time and I didn't want people to think I was taking pictures of their kids coming out of the building. Creepy! So, I grabbed another shot of Jocelyn. Sorry, but she's my sidekick all day so that's why you get a ton of pictures of her.

We were at my mom's preschool so we could go out to lunch with her for her birthday.

We had a wonderful leisurely lunch... which put me last in line at Jayce's school car pool lane. His elementary school is surrounded by peach tree fields. I cannot wait until Spring!

Jayce wasn't feeling so well when we got home and he decided to take a little rest. He slept until after 5:00 PM.

Meanwhile, some packages had been delivered to our front porch. The kids and I will be out of town this weekend so Brian made sure we had our Valentine's goodies early.

He bought me my favorite flower, tulips, plus stuffed animals for the girls, and candy for us all. I guess we'll keep him :)

Taking a two hour nap sure cut into his Wii time. That nap also caused him to stay up until 11:30 PM. Its a vicious cycle.

As I was cooking dinner, my eldest was fixing her hair. I have to say I'm thankful that Jaina has eased us both into this whole puberty thing. She's gradually wanted to spend more time on her hair and start experimenting with make up. Yet, she's still got a room full of stuffed animals, dolls, and toys. Not quite *that* grown up, yet :)

The whole point of Ten on 10 is to find the beauty in the everyday. I really struggle with that sometimes. My everyday consists of laundry, dishes, countless hours in my van, and watching Yo Gabba Gabba with Jocelyn. That's why I love this monthly reminder so much. There *can* be beauty in our ordinary everyday.

A big thanks to Rebekah for starting this whole project!


  1. What a great idea! I really loved the 1:00pm shot.. yum!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my pics....love seeing what your day looked like...oh my goodness the afternoon sleep and staying up late....makes for a tricky day the next day I guess too. Love the flowers and chocolate too.....have a good week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. I love all of these shots. They definitely do a great job of showing that there is beauty in the everyday. Jaina's hair looks so pretty, and I LOVE that 12 o clock picture of Jocelyn!

  4. Lovely flowers & chocolates! I agree that amidst all the jobs and mundane it's good to look for something beautiful!

  5. Pretty photos. I love the flowers you got!


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