Happy Valentine's Day 2015

I love Valentine's Day!

My husband hates it.

I'm not gonna lie... I love getting presents. Its totally my love language. I love the thought and effort behind it as much as the physical object.

Brian's love language is NOT getting presents. It would be me cleaning the house for him or something similar.

So, every Valentine's day, I expect flowers and candy and a nice dinner out. Brian hopes that I don't expect anything.

I don't get him a gift because he doesn't want one. Nor would he appreciate it. He really doesn't like to celebrate any holidays except Halloween and 4th of July. Maybe I should start buying him presents for those holidays?

Anyway, thanks to Amazon Prime (totally loving our membership btw), I did indeed get my flowers and chocolate. And early, too!

I love tulips :)

The day that these came in the mail is the same day Jayce came home from school freaking out about his class valentine cards.

See, he's in 4th grade. If he were attending the Intermediate school, he wouldn't be exchanging cards. However, he attends an elementary school instead. And he found out two days before his class party that they were indeed exchanging valentine's.

I showed him some examples online and he picked this design:

which we then made into a card:

He then proceeded to handwrite a personal note to each of his classmates on the back.

When we attended his party two days later, his teacher told us how much that meant to all his friends.

We also made cookies to share with our friends that came over that day.

A few days later, it was actually Valentine's day. The kids and I were in Atlanta visiting my parents (more to come on that!) but I at least got Jocelyn to wear her heart shirt. Ignore the tights that do not match! You pick your battles with a newly 3 year old :)

All in all it was a good Valentine's Day.

I'm still awaiting my fancy meal with my husband :)


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