Another Friday Phone Dump

It's Friday!

Here's what we've been up to this week:

I finally caved into my husband's demands and cleaned out our shared closet. My side looked like a tornado hit it. His side looks like he has OCD. We are such The Odd Couple :)

Anyway, my mom had given me a box of my grandmother's old camera stuff over a year ago. I hadn't made time to look through it. But then I did... and found these gems!

Jocelyn was busy playing in the playroom while I did most of the cleaning and I guess she wore herself out. Since she's going on 6 straight days without a nap, this might be the last one she's going to have...

You gotta love her fashion choice. She found this long sleeved shirt while I was clearing out boxes of clothes. This fit her last year and she refused to wear it. Now she loves it, in 90 degree weather, to be exact.

The next morning I made "Rainbow Dash" Pancakes. Or, so I thought. Jocelyn informed me that Rainbow pancakes were not enough. They were supposed to be in the shape of a horse. Mommy fail.

Saturday lunch was our typical McDonald's. Since I'm tracking my calories with my FitBit, I don't appreciate our fast food tradition so much any more.

Then Brian and I went out on a date with his best friend Thad and Thad's wife Danielle.

We went out fairly early and made it home just in time for bedtime stories. Her choice? A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The next day was our typical shopping day. We also hosted a Fantasy Football Draft party at our house.

My mom brought over a new desk for Jaina. New to Jaina, old to my mom :)

We had quite the spread of food at the party. Jocelyn just ate chips.

Monday found us at Happy Hollow park with MOMS Club. After our club friends left, we made new friends with a family that just moved here from Maryland. We followed them to the new thrift store in town and had smoothies and read books.

Tuesday is a preschool day for Jocelyn. She was nervous again and cried a minute in the car about being scared. When I picked her up, she was all, "I LOVE SCHOOL! WHY WAS I EVEN SCARED?" Her new best friend is Khloe and she also plays with Macey.

As soon as I picked her up, she gave me puppy dog eyes and said, "Can we eat at a restaurant for lunch??" I told her yes, but only for a little while. Then while we were there, Days of Our Lives came on. I told her she was good for the next hour :)

Anyone else a big Days fan?? I've been watching since I was six. I don't know what I'll do if NBC ever cancels it.

After school pick up for big kids, we played play-doh and had a fashion show.

Bedtime has been a breeze this week. No naps since Saturday, but she's been handling it well in the late afternoons and evenings without one. She goes to bed in the double bed in Jayce's room (he sleeps in the loft bed up on top about an hour after Joce goes down) after reading a few books and cuddling my arm.SHE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT WITHOUT ME!!! And yes, I probably just jinxed it.

Wednesday found us at Chick-fil-a for story time with MOMS Club. I swear we usually do not eat out this much!!

It was also National Dog Day. Who comes up with this stuff?

Jaina and Jocelyn were running through the house chasing each other and shrieking. Supposedly Jaina was a monster and Jocelyn had to trap her.

Shaggy was not a fan of this game. He thought that one of the girls was actually being hurt. He's so protective!

Other happenings included Jayce quitting piano after 4 years. I'm saving all of his old books and Jaina's old books for Jocelyn when she decides to try lessons.

And we took a walk as a family.

Thursday was another school day. This time, Jocelyn was so excited to go and asked about 50 times "When are we leaving??" But she gave me strict instructions about what I was "allowed" to do while she was at preschool.

That afternoon, we also took Shaggy to the vet. He had a bright pink spot that has been growing in size the last two weeks. The vet says he has a tumor and he needs surgery :( We are hoping its not cancerous. Only a biopsy can tell.

Those are *my* old Converse sneakers, by the way!

His spot might not look like much, but it was much smaller last week.  We thought it was a little bug bite.

His surgery will be scheduled one day next week. Luckily, it's a simple procedure.

I walked in the neighborhood after getting home from the vet. Someone is building a new house right behind our house (and our two neighbors' lots as well) and we are mourning the loss of all our trees. I guess technically they aren't our trees on our property, but we certainly liked our property backing up to a wooded area. I guess no more. I can't figure out if this is actually two lots that will eventually have two houses?

Since the temps are getting cooler in the evenings, I took Joce out to swing for a bit. I forgot to put my camera on burst mode so all I got were blurry (but cute!) pictures.

And finally, FRIDAY!

Speaking of cooler temps, Jocelyn actually needed a blanket on our walk this morning.

Then it was off to the Developmental Ped for Jayce. He had a great check up!

This random stuffed animal was in the exam room. Isn't it the saddest thing you've seen? If you squeeze it, the stuffed animal whimpers and whines. Jayce's doctor says she keeps trying to get it out of her room because a doctor's office is no place for a community stuffed animal. 

And that's what prompted Jocelyn to play with her stuffed animals when we got home...

(and yes, I'm watching today's episode of Days of Our Lives. Oh my word, it was so good!!!!)

Now it's time for me to do laundry and dishes. Not fun. The kids are all playing Wii music together. I'll probably join in later :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Those pancakes look fun.

    Mm, McDonalds. I don't use the calorie thingy on Fitbit lol. I just use it for the steps. And to see how awful I slept the night before.


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