Brian and Jessie's 11 year Anniversary Trip

We might not get away every year, but when we do, it's like Christmas in July.

Look at this big bright clean (and I didn't have to clean it!) bathroom just waiting for me to relax in the huge sauna style tub:

The room was just so-so, nothing to write home about. Because there was a cycling convention in town that weekend, we were even lucky to get a queen sized room. 

But it did have a beautiful private porch.

With my favorite southern shrub/tree growing nearby.

We decided to walk around Chimney Rock Village before heading to dinner. The following pictures are from my cell phone at the River Walk.

On our walk, we found an unoccupied lake house for sale. Brian wanted to pretend to be prospective buyers in order to snoop around the property.

I still haven't made time to look up the actual price of the house. I'm sure it is staggering. The lake lots alone are way more than we could afford.

Dinner was somewhere I had always wanted to go, but never been in the 14 years we've been up to Lake Lure.

Larkin's on the Lake.

The food was AMAZING! I had a risotto cake and crab stuffed mushrooms. And a very good german Riesling wine. My favorite! The view was nice, too.

The next morning, after a special breakfast the owners had to make us because all the other guest ate all the food, we headed up to Chimney Rock Park.

We take a picture of Devil's Head every time we go. I probably have 100 pictures of this place.

When we go with kids, we usually don't make it up very far. This time, we had no excuses. My fit bit died while on our trip and wouldn't hold a charge, but Brian's said we did something like 55 flights of stairs and 13,000 steps.

I can't wait to go back in September and take the kids again :)


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