Summer Ice Cream

Brian had a commitment after work one night and we decided to make a spontaneous trip to get some ice cream, REAL ice cream, not some healthy fro yo stuff, and we took the dog with us. Poor thing thought he was going to the vet the entire ride.

First, we had to document Jocelyn's growing size. I think I have pictures of both Jaina and Jayce hitting the 40" mark. Jocelyn is almost there!

They make pet safe ice cream for their four legged customers. And even better, it's FREE!

His handler kept him in line while in line :)

Shaggy loved the ice cream.

The generic Milk Bone?

Eh, not so much.

I think our dog is spoiled with organic chicken jerky as treats.

Bruster's has a special kid's cone with purple vanilla flavored ice cream, candy eyeballs, and green sprinkles. He's supposed to resemble everyone's favorite PBS Dinosaur. But since Jocelyn has no idea who Barney is or that PBS is even a station, she just got chocolate with lots of rainbow sprinkles.

I think she was copying someone.

You can always trust Jayce to be different, though :)

One of the last pictures of Jayce in braces! A post about this coming soon :)

I tried to get a picture of all my kids, but Shaggy wouldn't cooperate. Isn't that always the case?

It was the perfect summer evening. Although I'm sad that Brian missed out, it was fun to do something out of our typical nightly routine :)


  1. I can certainly use some right now! Next to salted caramel, I think the next best ice cream flavor has got to be maple, which we'd tried when we were in Quebec City.


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