Friday Phone Dump

I had a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3 the other day (and yes, I do realize the main problem is that this phone is obsolete now and I should just go ahead and buy the S6 and be done with it) and ended up having to delete all my pictures on my phone.

It was painful.

Although I try to pick up my DSLR on a regular basis, I use my camera phone for a lot of quick snaps when we are out and about. I'm a huge lover of Instagram and spend a lot of my time looking at other people's pictures, even when I'm not posting my own.

However, I have a broken port and a corrupted SD card and there's no way to really get my pictures off my phone any more without a lengthy file transfer that only my husband magically knows how to do.

Hence why I'm going to jump on the bandwagon of the weekly Friday Phone Dump that so many other bloggers do. I want to keep these pictures somewhere and what better place than my blog?

Here's what our week looked like:

A last lunch with Daddy at Taco Bell before school starts...

Hair cuts for everyone!

A picture of my new shoes for my friend Shannon :)

I can't tell the difference between Goldenrod and Ragweed, but I do know that this stuff typically blooms in the Fall. And its already starting to crop up! I love it in pictures for a pop of color :)

We went to breakfast at Grapevine to support the BSHS Marching Band.

Jocelyn insisted on going in her PJs. I said no but daddy said, "Who cares what she wears?" so I relented.

About half way through our meal, Jocelyn decided she shouldn't be at a restaurant in her pajamas and demanded that I put new clothes on her immediately. And then was in a horrible mood the rest of the meal.

When we got home, we all played a game of Super Mario Brothers Wii. It was all fun and games until Jaina laughed at Jayce and he hit her in the face. Fun times, yo.

The first day of school started uneventfully. Jocelyn decided to wear a dalmation shirt but Snoopy the beagle ears. It was 91 degrees outside but she never once complained of being hot.

This is a terrible picture of me trying to capture how backed up the middle school pick up line was. The turn lane only allows about 5 cars before the median starts.  So, all those cars behind me just had to sit and block the left lane before the turn lane even starts. This median is about a month old. I think maybe they should have waited to see what the school traffic was going to do before deciding how long to make the turn lane.

Jayce had a great day :) Ugh, and I still need to remember to write that blog post about his braces...

The next day Jocelyn started preschool. She cried for 30 minutes the first day (at the end of the day) but only three minutes the second day (at the beginning of the day). She had lots of fun stories about her day on Thursday and keeps talking about a new friend named Chloe.

That same Tuesday, Jaina had her last summer dance class. It was parent night and we got to watch. I told her next time I'd bring my good camera.

  While we were there, we fitted Jocelyn for her tap shoes. She was so excited! She starts dance classes the day after labor day.

I bought a used jogging stroller from someone online and finally got to try it out with Jocelyn on Wednesday. She liked it. So did I. :)

Wednesday is also the day my van was taken to the dealership to fix a recalled problem with the air bags. Jocelyn cried when my van was driven away and she hated the rental car. I didn't mind driving the civic, but didn't appreciate hitting my head on the roof every time I put Jocelyn in her car seat. She fell asleep on the way home from getting Jaina from school.

And wouldn't you know... we had our van back from the dealer less than 24 hours when it started vibrating badly and two warning lights came on.

It is now *back* in the shop, but certainly not at the Honda dealership. They don't get our money at all if we can help it. Something always goes wrong with any car or van we have if we take it there.

Even without a working van yesterday, we had already made arrangements to buy a new to us table. A blog post with "real" pictures is coming, too.

Here's the pictures the seller sent me:

And here's the table in our house:

We had the best dinner ever last night on that new table. Look at all that leg and arm room! We had room to put the napkin holder on the table! And this is without the leaves! It can seat up to 12 now! I told Brian we should host thanksgiving dinner :P He wasn't thrilled with the idea.

So today Joce and I are just hanging out at home waiting to hear about my van. We are probably going to go for a walk in the jogging stroller now. I hope all my readers have a great weekend!


  1. Taco Bell! I love that place.

  2. Try setting your photos to automatically sync with Picasa or Amazon prime. I do that to save my photos then delete them from my phone. I can still look at them through the app.


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