Carowinds 2015

(I couldn't find pictures on my blog from 2014  so I'll have to go back to my computer and look for them! In 2013, I took the kids to Six Flags instead. )

Every Summer we have a tradition to visit Carowinds Amusement Park. We've been going since Jayce was a baby in 2006.

Because I can't help myself when it comes to looking at old pictures of my teen and pre-teen, here are some from 2007 :)

And here's 2010. And then I promise to stop!

And look at those "babies" now!!

They might be older, but they still love Carowinds and look forward to it every year!

Jocelyn absolutely loves Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang, so she is always thrilled to go. We only left her home when she was 6 months old. She's been every other year.

Poor Jayce has some pretty short genetics, thanks to his mom and dad both, so we will cheer when he finally hits 54" tall. Although he looks like he made it on this picture, its just the angle it was taken with my phone. He's only 53.5" tall and didn't make the cut off for the big coasters. Next year for sure!

We spent the morning in Planet Snoopy. Back when Jaina and Jayce were little, that's pretty much all we did. Except it had a Nickelodeon theme then.

Jocelyn was scared on the Boo Blasters ride and said she was not going back to Carowinds at all next year. We keep insisting that she can go, but just not go on this ride again :)

The big kids went to ride roller coasters with Daddy while Jocelyn and I waited patiently for the Snoopy show in Harmony Hall to start. But Snoopy wasn't the one that came out on stage.

It was some country music act. Jocelyn was very disappointed. However, she played with her Snoopy stuffed animal and I enjoyed A/C and free Wi-Fi. It was a nice break!

The kids went on the Ricochet without me but I made Brian hang out with Jocelyn so I got a turn on The Hurler and The Cyclone.

As for the Fury and Intimidator?? Oh HELLS NO!!

My coaster riding buddies!

Then Jocelyn insisted on getting in the picture. Its the only way she ever wants to be in a picture; I have to be taking one of someone else.

I was worried about taking her on the gliders since they go fast and high. She loved them and rode it three times.

With Jaina being 13 and Jayce 10, we allowed them to ride a few things by themselves and meet up with us after at the exit.

Again, she just *had* to be in the picture! Heaven forbid if I try to get a picture of just Jaina and Jayce!

Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie was down that morning and the big kids were disappointed, so we went back to check it out at 7 PM. They found out that Jocelyn could ride, too, and took her with them. It's pretty much a roller coaster with drops and bumps and sharp turns. I thought she'd hate it.


Loved it.

Rode it 4 times.

Then we rode the carousel one last time on a horse named Sugar.

When we got out to the parking lot, our van would barely start. We are thankful that it was easy to get the battery replaced the next day with no cost to us since it was under warranty.

I keep thinking I need to make a Carowinds photo album to go with a Chimney Rock photo album and a Festifall photo album and a Pawley's Island photo album. We've been doing these things as a family for over 10 years! But then I think about all those pictures to go through and wonder when I'd possibly have the time?

Hopefully we can squeeze in a few more summer traditions in before school starts next week!


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