Our New (to us) kitchen table

Oh yes, this totally deserves its own blog post. :)

We've been squeezing five people at a table meant for four people for way too long. I finally got Brian to realize we truly needed a new table.

However, do you know what a new table, that seats 6 people no less, costs????!!!!

Thank goodness for friends who have connections!

We found this new table on a High End Consignment FB sale group. I was added to the group and immediately messaged the seller. She just happened to know my mom (small town, small world!) and the rest was history!

Jocelyn did not like the change at first and cried both when our new table was being carried in and again when our old table went to a thrift store benefiting kids with cancer.

Here's some last shots of our old table with an adorable model eating MY Ben and Jerry's Ice cream.

See those big long grooves in the table?

Yeah. Take my advice. Don't buy a table with those if you have kids. It's really hard to do your homework without your pencil getting caught in the groove and punching a hole in your paper. Also, it's a food and dried up playdoh magnet.

And here's our new table!

 This lucky guy gets an entire side by himself. He's pretty happy :)

Jocelyn moved over to sit next to Jaina. 

We even have room to keep our napkin holder on the table! And the salt and pepper shakers!

Now we just need to find chairs :P


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