Can't catch a break

My kids are almost NEVER sick. So I really really really shouldn't complain when they actually *do* come down with something. We usually by-pass the typical colds and stomach bugs and random other viruses that run rampant in our MOMS Club and the kids' schools.

It may sound hokey to most, but I attribute my family's wellness to our consistent chiropractic appointments. I know, I know... its hard to believe that chiropractic care isn't just a bunch of bunk when you have little to no experience with one, or else have had a bad experience with one. Like with all health care professionals, there are some that are in it to heal and others are in it just for the money.

I have been extremely fortunate with my chiropractic experience. First of all, we live in a prime location to receive good care. Our town hosts one of the few Straight Chiropractic Colleges in the entire US.

When I first moved here, I briefly attended the local LDS church for a bit, trying to find where I fit in spiritually. I met a great guy named Spencer Anderson who was from Alaska (and also had family out West) and already boasted a bachelor's degree from BYU. But he felt like he needed to do more. Prayer had led him to South Carolina and to a profession that continued to fascinate him.

The LDS church teaches that our earthly bodies are temples to be treated with the utmost respect. Straight chiropractic beliefs go hand in hand with that philosophy. The human body is truly an amazing thing. It is capable of healing itself and warding off germs with good immune systems. But because we, as a general society, continue to put undue stresses on our spine, it can negatively impact our body's ability to function properly.

I have to admit that when Spence begged me to become his chiro patient at the clinic for him to meet school requirements, I was very hesitant. I trusted Spence and knew his adjustments wouldn't hurt me, but I also didn't believe in them at all. I was only xrayed and adjusted one time before Spence graduated from the program, so I never really got to see any benefit from it.

Fast forward a couple of years.I meet this super cool mom at our local La Leche League meeting named Monique. Her son Willem is a doll! She needs someone to watch him while she's in school for chiropractic care. I eagerly take on the assignment. Willem was my first experience with cloth diapers and an uncircumcised penis :) It was so nice having another friend who believed in natural parenting philosophies as well :). When Monique asked me to come into the clinic and become a patient for her school requirement as well, I didn't hesitate. I already had a file started from Spence, so it was super easy.

I started getting adjusted once a week that summer and I noticed a slight difference within the first month, but nothing earth shattering. Then I got pregnant with Jayce. After doing a little research on the safety of chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy, I decided to continue my weekly appointments with Monique.

My pregnancies with both kids were completely different, as a lot of moms would say. But what I didn't experience with Jayce was the achiness I had felt with my pregnancy with Jaina. I didn't have frequent head aches and I didn't walk with my back bent over waddling like I had before. And I even gained 20 more pounds with Jayce than I did with Jaina! I wasn't ready to credit chiropractic care quite yet. That was until Monique graduated from the program at my 36 week gestation mark.

That is when I knew chiropractic made all the difference. As soon as I stopped going for weekly adjustments, I suddenly felt VERY pregnant. The waddling came, along with the lower back pain, along with the swelling. Up to that point, everyone had always remarked at how great I had looked and I always replied that I felt wonderful, too. Now, it could have been a coincidence since most pregnant women dread that last month anyway, but I truly believe that chiro care had helped me through my pregnancy.

Thank goodness I had already met Kelly.

We bonded instantly. She slings her babies, she doesn't vaccinate, she exclusively breast feeds and believes in child-led weaning. She was such a great addition to our MOMS Club chapter and offered some much needed parenting diversity. I was no longer the only "weird one" in the club :)

They had just moved here from Upstate NY for her husband Toggle to attend the chiro program at the college. 2 weeks after Jayce was born, Toggle was my new student chiropractor :)

My faith in chiropractic care had grown considerably and I was allowing Jaina to be adjusted and also let Toggle adjust my two week old newborn.

It was no surprise that we stayed healthy that entire summer since we were out and about in the fresh sunshine almost every day. But when Fall and Winter hit that year and my two kids (one who wasn't vaccinated at all) kept missing every single bug that plagued Jaina's preschool class and our MOMS Club friends, I knew it wasn't just a coincidence. Toggle's adjustment of Jayce actually let us to be able to stop his reflux medication for a while, too.

When Toggle graduated, we decided that we were done with students for a while :) We had done our part to help out 3 students and now it was time to find a chiropractor who had his own office. We chose Dr. Power because he was our case doctor (the one that observed and oversaw all the students at the clinic).

We have been patients of Dr. Power since Jayce was 15 months old. We now are on a "maintenance" type program which only requires us to get adjusted once a month or as needed.

We were supposed to go get adjusted as a family on the Thursday before Halloween while I was at the hospital. I never called to reschedule our appt, just to cancel it and it keeps slipping my mind. Wouldn't you know that my kids come down with croup the next week after? And now Jaina may have strep throat and Jayce has a bad rash/hives all over his body? It may be the biggest coincidence in the entire world, but we only get sick the two times a year we miss our monthly appointment. Coincidence or not, I am extremely lucky that we hardly ever fall victim to normal childhood illnesses.

But I'm going to complain a bit for now :)


  1. healing vibes for all of you...take care of yourself, too, didn't get adjusted either. {{hugs}}

  2. I may have to check into this. I wonder if our insurance covers it?

  3. I love Chiropractic and Homeopathic medicine. Believe it or not, when I was 19 I was determined I was going to be a Homeopathic Dr and cure the world with the right food and natural remedies.

    I use to frequent a Chiropractor in my mid twenties, I would get adjusted at least once a week if not more for at least a year. My insurance covered it. I swear I would go in feeling terrible, they would adjust me and I would walk out feeling terrific. The long term benefits paid off too, I felt I was in the best shape and everything was effortless, as for physical activity. I was never sick either.

    I am happy that this is working so well for you. Another friend of mine Russ, swears by this and has a Chiropractor instead of a regular Dr.

    I swear I should have tried this with Joshua when he had all his ear problems.

    Its never too late!

    You wrote this very well. This could easily be a subject for a dissertation.


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