More Chimney Rock

I think we ended up traveling up to Chimney Rock almost every weekend in October to see the changing leaves. These are the pictures from the small camera that Brian and Jaina shot themselves.

The other little girl in these pictures is Jaina's friend Ravyn. The day after I was released from the hospital, Brian took Jaina, Ravyn, and Jayce up to Chimney Rock to give me the day by myself.


  1. Wow! I can't believe you got Brian to actually take decent pictures. Amazing!

  2. Brian is doing so good. Can you have him talk to Jeremy? :)
    I love the look of your blog. Jaina is looking more grown up and looks like Joshua's sister! Her friend Ravyn is adorable.

    Jayce looks like he likes it there. Chimney Rock is beautiful.

  3. these are such sweet pictures...and i'm still so impressed with brian. but it can't be too hard to love you well, jess... <3

  4. I love that your family gets out as a FAMILY(hubby included) and enjoys life together. Wonderful Jessie..
    I get comments cause Dh and I do things with our kids. Hello isnt that they way it should be:)

    I love the pics and wish we had gotten out there


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