Home again, home again, Jessie Ann

My mom used to sing me this silly made up song whenever we would pull into our driveway after a long trip. I've tried singing it to my kids as well, but it just doesn't flow with Jaina Catherine and Jayce Carrington. I think their middle names are too long!

Anyway, I feel like I am home again. I'm almost 30 (will be on Friday!) and I've lived in 3 different states for almost 10 years a piece. Not quite how to count years 18-22 when I was in college. Technically I was living in SC, but I was also still a Georgia Resident and considered Tucker my home.

Its nice to be here. Georgia is a beautiful state and being here brings back lots of good memories. I am hoping to catch up with some friends while I am here!

See you all soon, Have a GREAT Thanksgiving with your families and I'll see you (with pictures!) on Monday :)


  1. I long for that feeling... sigh. :)

    Hey, how about Home again, home again, Jaina 'n' Jayce -- or -- Home again, home again, Jaina C. -- or -- Home again, home again Jaycey Jayce (or Jaycity Jayce, like jiggity jig)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Birthday! I will miss going to GA this year. I am glad you are visiting home. Have lots of fun! If I were to move, it would be to GA or Oregon.

  3. i hope you're having a great birthday and holiday with your family!


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