Trunk or Treat

We live about a mile away from a really nice Methodist Church. They are always doing something fun and inviting the community. This is also the church that hosted Jaina's Upward soccer team, so we feel like we know a lot of people from that now.

Anyway, we went to their Trunk or Treat this year, which was the Sunday evening before Halloween. These pictures were taken *just* before I got very sick and went to the ER. The sun was my enemy, but I was able to get a few good pics despite the harsh lighting :)

My beautiful Dorothy :)

Understanding how this whole trick or treat thingy works...

Oooh... lollipop....

The one picture I have with his hat on. He looks less like Flava Flav and more like the tin man here!

Dorothy and the Witch...

Brian wore Jayce's hat most of the night.


  1. LOVE your Dorothy. I have a group shot of our Oz characters scheduled to go up later today!


  2. Oh, Madeline just asked who was Toto? :)

  3. I love the red Glitter shoes, they both looked great. The trick or trunk looks way more funner than neighborhood trick or treating. Less walking and more things to do! I love Wizard of Oz, I remember when Joshua watched the movie for 4 months straight when he was 4. The VHS tape is worn out now.

  4. Hey Jess-I love their Halloween costumes. I had the perfect dog that could have fit in her basket! Glad you are feeling better.


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