The importance of Breastfeeding. Why Breast is always best...

I got this video from a mom on my AP internet group. I know the info is preaching to the choir since the majority of my friends are pro-nursing, however, I am sharing anyway because I never get tired of seeing pictures of nursing babies :)



  1. I love it. I wish I had pictures of me nursing Justin. I think I only have one. Lost the rest in the hard drive crash :(. I love nursing, it's truly the best thing a mother can give her child. I feel bad for babies that have to drink formula for their sole nutrition. I can understand supplementing formula, like I had to with Joshua during the day, when I couldn't pump alot at work, (but I nursed him all other hours of the day.) When I see WIC women getting all those cans of formula, I feel like screaming! ACK! that's horrible, put it back and breastfeed. When I went to WIC they were so astounded that I soley breast fed Justin and didn't want any formula, that the director of the office pulled me in and wanted me to be a speaker at some of the meetings. I said I would think about it, but I never went back. I guess I should of?! Anyway, if I could teach young mothers what I know, I swear I would speak about the benefits.


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