Fall Colors

Most of the time, I do not think the Upstate of South Carolina is a very "pretty" area. Georgia and North Carolina seem much more picturesque in scenery. However, the couple weeks in the Fall and the couple weeks in the Spring when the seasons really seem to switch over always make me smile when I step outside.


  1. Beautiful, just Beautiful.

  2. Jess, thank you for all of your comments and love. Today was a rough day for everyone. She just fell asleep on the floor with the blowdryer running. whatever works. i know she will grow out of it but it is so hard right now...
    thanks againf or the support and friendship.
    your fall leaves and colors have made me homesick. we don't get much change in CA.
    thanks again. enjoy the fall...

  3. So beautiful. My little guy would love all those leaves.


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