Red Shirts

Okay, here's the story...

On Friday morning at 6:30 AM, I went into Jayce's closet and randomly picked his red Cookie Monster T-shirt. Then I found some clean jeans of his on my floor and got him dressed. Then I went back into my room and threw on some clothes. The bra I had picked out showed through my first shirt, so I traded it for my thicker red shirt. While I was dressing, Jaina was getting dressed, too. She has ONE pair of jeans that she approves of and hardly ever wears them. When she came out of her bedroom, she was wearing a red shirt and jeans, too. I promise you, we did not plan this!

But because we were all so cute and color coordinated, Jaina asked if we could take pictures that morning after we picked up Jayce from school (Jaina was spending the day at home due to recovering from strep).

We have this huge window in the back of our house next to our kitchen table. It brings in the most awesome light into our house. And its super easy to move the table out of the way to give us more room. For first pictures I took, I tried to create a backdrop using some chairs and a blanket. You'll see below that it didn't work out very well.

Jayce loves the timer on our canon powershot, which sometimes works to our advantage, sometimes not. This was one of those times where he wanted to press the shutter button and watch the flash go off in front of his eyes, so he did NOT want to stay on his spot on the stool. I kept telling him to "SIT DOWN!" and he would obey, only to jump up two seconds later flapping his hands excitedly. These are the best pics I could get.

The Three of Us:

Then I nixed the blanket and bribed the kids to sit in the barstools next to each other. This way, Jayce couldn't escape. Now, why I left the messy clutter and the yellow handled broom stay in the background, I do not know. I wish I could photoshop it outta there!

I am always on a quest to find the "perfect" picture of my two children together. Smiling, looking at the camera. It almost never happens. Jaina loves to give "posed" smiles and Jayce doesn't stay in one place for very long. Combine it with the fact that I want good lighting and a decent backdrop, I am usually a glutton for punishment. Oh well. I just keep taking pictures and hope that one will turn out okay one day!

Aww... kisses. They do love each other.

Then, Jayce reached over and smacked Jaina on the head, totally unprovoked.

Then Jaina retaliated. I stood there with my camera and took pictures, like any good mom :)

Jaina is always willing to pose for me. But will she give me a genuine smile? Sometimes :)

Its a little harder to get good pictures of Jayce, but boy do I love trying :) And love the rewards of when I catch cute expressions on his face!

So, that's the story of all these pictures :)


  1. Best. post. ever. ♥

  2. Awww...You guys look adorable. I enjoy reading your post Jessie......What kind of camera do you have again? I am on the hunt!

  3. Jessie, you are the cutest, prettiest mom ever! Great job. I love the last two with the brown background. Great job on the "catchlight" in the eyes. I love natural lighting.

  4. Oh wait, I really love the first one, alot! I really love them all. It's hard to pick a favorite. If you have time, I would love one of them with you and the kids. Pick your fave. I recently put the picture of all the kids we had done at the PIcture People on my wall (2006 finally got Jeremy to hang pictures) I would love to add to the family collection.

  5. how fun. you know my motto, you can never take too many pictures! and shooting away always pays off, b/c you are bound to get good ones, which you did!

  6. you look SO GOOD!!! how do you do that? with two kids? and a house to keep up? and a dog? i look like crap and i don't have any of that!

  7. Anonymous9:13 PM

    very cute!

    i love the one of the two of them on the stool, close up, with jayce holding the bear up under his nose.

    great pictures and story :-)

  8. Anonymous8:05 AM

    What great pictures!

    I hope you and brian will be at Ami's vow renewal. I would love to see you guys and catch up!

  9. These are great pictures!! I especially loved the ones of Jayce smacking Jaina and Jaina retaliating. Too cute! I do the same thing with Ian...we took him to Monkey Joe's and as he was sliding, I just snapped and snapped...even as he fell on his face, I snapped away. I too believe in the fact that you can never take too many...besides, the more you snap, the more cute/candid pics you get. And the expressions that you capture sometimes are priceless, I agree! You look fantastic as well!


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