I just love to see what a kid left alone with only art supplies and an imagination will come up with :)

And speaking of Monsters...

I think we have a book eating monster in our house. One that has an appetite for Jayce's board books. It ate not one, but TWO copies ofGoodnight Gorilla. It also must have eaten our copy of I Love you, Stinkyface because it's nowhere to be found. If the next book to go missing is Merry Christmas, Stinkyface I'll know that some book eating conspiracy is definitely going on around us!


  1. i want to be jaina when i grow up. :)

    and we love the stinkyface books, too.

  2. Tell Jaina that I love her Monster Idea and I may use it at Justin's party. I was looking for ideas to make "Slimer" the ghost.

  3. That is too cute! She is very creative!

  4. I love her imagination......I want to make Ava a craft basket for Christmas. Help me out with some ideas!!!


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