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Its time, once again, for one of my insanely long posts filled with tons of pictures you may or may not have wanted to see. If I could describe our summer in one word, it would be BUSY!

Our typical day consists of:
-wake up
-feed and dress the kids
-check the calendar on the fridge and realize we need to be somewhere at 10 for something
-pack a quick lunch (in case we don't come home)
-head to park/moms club/friend's house/free movie/whatever our AM activity is
-realize I only packed lunch for the kids
-drive Jayce 25 minutes to speech camp and/or therapy at the hospital by 12:30/1:00
-entertain Jaina for 2 hours in the lobby at said therapy place
-meet up with friends at their house/fountain/park/whatever
-have kids beg me for snacks I forgot to pack in the car
-finally get home at 5 or 6 to unload our car, straighten the house, and cook dinner all at the same time.

But, we're having fun!


Brittany, April, and I took Ashlan, Kyler, Macie, Jaina, Jayce, and Virginia to the water park in Simpsonville a few weeks ago. The kids had fun!

Science Camp Field Trip

Jaina enjoyed one week of Physics and Chemistry Science Camp this summer and was able to go on the end of the week field trip. They took a vote and decided to hike to an abandoned old cotton mill that has a damn near by. We saw lots of poison ivy!

Mowing the Lawn with Daddy

Yes, yes, I know that it is not 100% safe for kids to be on a riding lawn mower with the blades working. But its one of those things that I allow anyway and hope for the best.

Jayce and his Zaxby cup

So often I bribe Jaina to come pose for me so I can try out some new lens or light or technique I've discovered. This time Jayce came outside with me to take pictures of my flowers in the sunset. I asked Jayce, "Can mommy take your picture, too?" and he said, "YES!" but wouldn't give up his Zaxby cup full of soda. Guess you gotta take what you can get!

Baby Cassie

My good friend Becca came over the first day her husband had to go back to work. Big brother Louis (eek, not pictured! How did I miss that?) played with Jayce while Jaina and I held 6 day old Cassie. I think Jaina has baby sister fever just as much as *I* have baby fever! There was definite talk about babies in our house later. Don't worry, I'm still working on Brian. We'll have our third, just you wait and see :)

Bruster's Ice cream with the Brittons
One of our favorite summer activities is to go get ice cream with some friends. Luckily, Brittany's husband Matt was home for the weekend to come with us!

That girl always asks for extra "eyes" on her cone. I love how literal they take her word!

Do you want to know what my favorite part of eating Bruster's Ice cream is? The fact that we don't get around to going there until 7:30 PM during the summer and there is TONS of gorgeous backlit sunlight to play around with. Oh, right... I mean, my favorite part is the chocolate oreo ice cream.

Jayce ate his ice cream, then had to eat Brittany's, too

Here are our guys, looking manly. Okay, well, Matt looks manly.

Miss Brittany gets some lovin' from my boy. Or maybe he's her boy today? That's okay, I don't mind sharing :)

Kyler does NOT like me to take his picture.


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    CUTE! I'm stealing that pic. of Virginia on the lazy river!
    Oh, add my new blog to your

    I'm writing a lot more now...


  2. Funfunfunfunfunfunfunfun. That's what I say!! And I totally feel your pain about what it's like packing food for the day for the kids. And even when you do pack snacks, they aren't enough for them to "make it" till dinner.


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