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So, Brian's got this friend from college (Yes, I know what you are thinking... Brian... friends?... really?). I can't remember when I first saw her picture in Brian's old HS and college photo album, but it was a really long time ago. Anyway, all I knew was that her name was Anita and she was LDS. And she went to Winthrop. And they never dated, but were good friends.

Well, fast forward 10 years or so... isn't the internet a grand thing? I can't tell you how many old childhood friends I've connected with on Myspace and Facebook :) And after convincing Brian to join FB (which resulted in a friend request competition, which he won), he got back in touch with a ton of friends, too. Anita was one of them :)

Come to find out she blogs, too! Added bonus! Unfortunately, though, her family lives in Oklahoma, not in SC anymore. However, they were going to be driving South to go visit family and coming right through our town!

We went to lunch at Zaxby's... cause really... who doesn't like Zaxby's? (well, besides me when I'm pregnant!)

Jayce got restless a bit, so I did what any sane mother does: I gave him my Canon SLR XTi with my 50 Prime lens and let him go to town :) You know... my four year old is pretty good!

This is Kelsey. She's 5.

I love this picture of Kelsey that Jayce took!

Since Ben was across from Jayce, he seemed to be the subject of the most pictures.

I guess Jayce wanted to make sure we remembered where we ate lunch at today.

Kelsey also got a pic of me and Jayce :)

Brian, goof as he always is. Picture by Kelsey

Kelsey peeking into a picture of Ben. Photo by Jayce.

And this is little Connor. Isn't he a doll? I took all of these, I think. Can't remember now!

Olivia didn't seem keen on getting her picture taken, so I of course, grabbed one anyway :)

It was great fun meeting them for lunch. And we are super excited to visit them again on Saturday!


  1. What fun we had! I didn't realize Jayce was snapping away so much - I can't wait to show Ben! He's a camera-hider. You know the type. And Connor looks even better than usual with your camera - I've got to get one of those babies!

  2. I have been catching up on your old blogs. Sounds like you guys are staying busy and having a lot of fun. Sometime soon Jayce needs to come over to play with Talon. Hopefully our schedules will line up soon so we can come visit too. I'm glad you guys are having so much fun.


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