Don't be jealous, Daddy!

I took Jayce with me to Old Navy the other day on the hunt for a $15 "Item of the Week" sundress that I could take to the beach. Unfortunately, it was no longer the item of the week. And they had completely sold out :(

However, I did score some classic T-shirts for Jayce! They had Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, Wolverine (am I spelling that right?), Star Wars, and a whole bunch more. I wanted to buy them all, but at $10.50 a pop, I could only choose two.

Oh, and by the way, Jayce could care less if he had these shirts or not. This purchase was for his proud Daddy who loves super hero T-shirts. I did look for some in Brian's size, but they didn't have any Superman or Batman that he would have wanted.

When we got home from picking Jaina up, the kids played outside in the sprinkler. Jaina was pretending to be a dog. Jayce was riding his trike through the sprinkler.

When Brian got home, I whispered to Jayce, "Go show daddy your shirt! Tell him not to be jealous, okay?"

He ran upstairs to Brian's computer and pointed his finger at his daddy and said, "Daddy! Don't be jealous!!"

And of course, Brian was anyway :)


  1. Willon says (with an excited gasp) "There's JAYCE! He's riding onna water on his bicycle, onna water!"

    LOL @ the jealous. ♥

  2. Anonymous10:33 AM

    That's too cute!

  3. aww! Willon is so cute!!

  4. Check out Target (if you have one?) cause they have some comic stuff for boys. I got Elliott a Captain America for Alex. LOL

  5. That's so funny. I'm surprised Brian doesn't do more online orders for these shirts or something!

  6. What is it with these grown men? Jimmy is into Avatar right now. I'm sure it's not as serious as Brian's thing though.

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