Girl Scout Camp

Jaina entered the Girl Scout program when she was newly 5 years old, just a Daisy. She was a Daisy for two consecutive years, through Kindergarten and First Grade. Although the two troops we've tried out have not been exactly what I've pictured a Girl Scout troop to be, Jaina has nevertheless enjoyed being a Girl Scout. Hopefully she will bridge to Brownies soon and continue with it.

I didn't know that she was eligible to go to Summer Camp last year, so I thought that this summer was the first year she could attend. We had the hardest time figuring out which day session to sign up for. "Fairyland" and "Discovering your Inner Artist" both sounded right up Jaina's alley, so in the end, we signed her up for both.

Jaina was very nervous the first morning, despite knowing that her entire troop would be at this first session of camp. When I picked her up the first day she said, "Well... I had fun... but... ugh.. I am so tired! We had to walk, and hike, and run, and swim.... "

"Yeah, Jaina. Its called CAMP!" :)

But after 3 days of it, she LOVED it! Loved it enough to spend the night at the sleepover on Thursday night. Since Brian was off on Friday for the 4th (and my mom is always off on Friday afternoons), we all got to come to her end-of-the-week program.

All in all, she had a great time and can't wait for her next session coming up!


  1. Maybe someday I will get to go to girl scout camp, but for now it's all boy scout camp. Still fun.

  2. It makes me want to go! Glad she is having fun!!!

  3. looks like fun. Joshua doesn't believe that this is Jaina, he says she looks different and he wants to meet her again.

  4. I take it back - Jaina is incredibly photogenic! She looks fabulous with her hair pulled back. Maybe this is the problem I'm having with Olivia... if only I can convince her to wear it up more often.


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