While the cat was away....

We've lived in this house two full years and I've only painted one room. The dining room/playroom, to be exact. And I never took pictures of it because it was truly a horrible experience with expensive paint and peeling and bleeding and touch ups. Honestly, its still not done.

Jaina's been after me to paint her room since we moved in. I finally seized the opportunity to have one child out of my hair while she was at camp. But I think I picked the wrong kid to be out of my hair! :)

Of course, I had a little "helper" that wasn't really a helper at all:

And this is the finished product:

Yes, I know its incredibly busy. I doubt I'd win any kids room decorating awards. BUT, its totally Jaina. And that's what counts :) My mom just needs to put some clouds around the butterflies and we are good to go!

The painting job took me an entire week, since we are so busy during the day with therapies. On Monday and Tuesday, I moved furniture. On Wednesday, I took things off the walls and cleaned baseboards. On Thursday, I spackled, sanded, and taped off. Then by lunchtime, I was ready to paint. I had to go back out for paint at 5 PM when my first gallon didn't even cover the first coat. I finally finished at 11 PM after putting Jayce to bed.

Her bedspread remained the same that we bought her 2 years ago when we moved in. She desperately wanted a new one, but I put my foot down saying she could change again when she was 10. I think butterflies will be just fine until she becomes a "tween" and wants something a little more stylish.

The hallway and Jayce's room are next!! When I get some energy, that is!


  1. I'm feeling inspired! It looks beautiful!! I hope she has a great time a Science camp :)

  2. Great job! I should've loaned you my dad while he was here. He's quick!

  3. great job Jessie. Your very motivated. Jaina is living a dream to have that room. I still want a room like that and I am an adult.

    My kids still sleep in my room and Jeremy took over their room, so right now, their room is in Limbo. Only one bed, no furniture, no dressers, poor kids have nothing. I wish I could win one of those home remodeling shows. That would be the only way my house gets anything done.

  4. I love it so much, Jess. Rhetta would too, for sure.

  5. Totally cute. You can come paint and decorate my house now.

  6. I'm sure she thinks she is in heaven! What a perfect little girls room. Great job!!!

  7. very cute! brought back memories of my own canopy bed....

  8. You did a great job! I love that shade of blue - I think I used it with Olivia's room in SC and then Ben (since he's talented in this way) painted some nice fluffy clouds on it for her.


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