Its no secret that my kids LOVE arts and crafts. We do our fair share of them on a daily basis. Yet, I always hesitate when my kids ask me to paint. Cause then you have to worry about their clothes, the table, get the cups filled with water, find the brushes, open the paint, etc. And the clean up involved is just not my favorite. But, its their favorite thing to do, so we did it the other day.

Jaina painted a bird feeder:

And Jayce painted a pick up truck :)


  1. I haven't got brave enough for that. I guess Talon has done a little when I am painting crafts but it will definitely be awhile before Colby gets too.

  2. Anonymous8:43 PM

    I hear you! The kids just love painting but the task is such a large one for me. Today we painted though, Isabel did a glass vase and Joseph did a bird feeder. They are birthday presents for their grandmother.

  3. i so agree. i love crafts. hate big messes. messes that can ruin. and that means painting is RARE at my house too!

  4. you should paint more often, just so you can take photos of it! :)


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