Red, White, and Boom

Our local town has a big Red, White, and Boom celebration every year with speakers, concerts, and a big fire works display. And we manage to miss it every year! Why? Because it takes place in June, before anyone is even thinking of the 4th!

We had heard the crowds down town were absolutely insane for this event, so we took our friend Patty's advice and watched the show from atop the hospital (where Jayce has therapy) parking garage.

Jaina's best friend got to come with us!

Before the fireworks even started, Jayce said he was scared and needed to wait in the car. He came out, though, when he realized they were far away and not loud.

Jayce absolutely loved the fire works and said each one was a "purple" one!

We wanted to go to Krispy Kreme afterwards, but the line was seriously out the door! So we settled for dunkin donuts instead. They do not make their donuts fresh on location so it paled in comparison to the delicious glazed donuts of Krispy Kreme.

Next year I want to be closer :)


  1. oooh, I like the last firework shot, very creative!

    Jeremy doesn't like the beach at night, so it's been 5 years since I have been to the beach and seen the fireworks. We have to watch from a distance (the studio) he opts to do his own firework show there. It's always fun and less crowds.

    I am sorry about the Roman Candle. Those things are strong and big. Do you need to see a doctor? You have a right to whine. How did it happen?


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