7 going on 17...

I am many things, but a seamstress, I am not.

To be fair, my mother tried to teach me to sew on many occasions. I remember having my own sewing tackle box, just like hers. It was filled with many 1/2 finished cross-stitched projects and lots of colorful embroidery thread.

Unfortunately, I just never got interested. Even now when I read so many craft and sewing blogs and see wonderful creations, I think, "Wow... that's so cool that someone made that!" Yet I still don't have the desire to do things like that myself. I'll try to be crafty in other ways :)

Luckily for my mom, she has a very willing student by the name of Jaina. She even received her very first sewing machine for Christmas this year. Jaina has also already designed and "sewed" her very own quilt.

Jaina also has a great eye for fabric and handmade clothes. Right before Christmas, she found an outfit at a children's boutique that she just had to have. I was not impressed with the price tag and was thankful that I have a mom that knows how to sew! Gray took on the project.


Normally Jaina would be wearing a long sleeved white shirt under it, but the day turned out to be warm (61 degrees as the high!) so the complete outfit didn't last long :)
Just as soon as we started taking pictures for Gray to showcase her hard work, the phone rang. And Jaina just had to stop and talk to her friend Eva for a few minutes. 

But that didn't stop me from taking pictures :)



Is she really just 7? 'Cause I think I was much older before I lounged around chatting on the phone for hours. I definitely know she's going to take after her momma :)

When she was finally off the phone, we took a few more pictures. ACK! Please don't mind my daughter's yellow teeth. I promise she brushes them 2 times a day! But in between those times, they do not look white at all, yuck!
She's such a goof, my Jaina :) 

I hope she never gets sick of me taking too many pictures of her!



  1. Great pics and Gray did a beautiful job on the outfit! Your DD is growing up so fast...it won't be long before she's making her own clothes!

  2. You take such wonderful pictures that it's no wonder that they wouldn't mind you taking their pics all the time. :) She'll probably be asking you to take head shots for her one of these days...

  3. I know I've said it before, but you really are such an amazing photographer! And I'm with you: I can't "make" anything. I can cook, and I can write. Those are my talents; take them or leave them! I am so jealous of people who can "make" things though... people who can draw, paint, create... I find it fascinating, it's just not me!

  4. Your lucky to have such a vibrant creative mother. What I would do to have that in my life.

    Jaina is very lucky.

    I can't seem to get my blog right. I spend hours on Photoshop, pasting, vectoring, masking and for what? For my blog to come up the way it does, tacky and horrible. How do you get those photos in your header? I tried a Coffeshop tutorial and mine just came out horrible. I am starting to give up on the whole blog, creative thing, it used to be fun, but now it seems like a labor to me. Sorry to vent, but it seems like it just comes
    so effortless to everyone.

  5. I can not sew either. I really wanted to and even begged my husband for a sewing maching one year for Christmas. I did receive it...but have only used it a handful of times. I, like you, have many unfinished projects in my sewing box.

    sigh...some day I'll learn, lol.

  6. My, they grow up quickly, don't they?

  7. Oh, and I love the Valentine's Day header!

  8. I LOVE these pictures of Jainia! Great job! And, that outfit? SO cute! I want one :)
    P.S. cute new blog header!

  9. Those are precious pictures!!


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