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Thanks, Monica! I've never participated in a "Before and After" bloghop before, but I thought I'd give it a try :)

Here's a shot I took the other day, just messing around with my camera. I shot it in Manual and metered the light appropriately in the shot before, but then moved a bit and pressed the shutter before checking the light meter again. It turned out underexposed because of the slight back lighting from the front door window.

Although I have Photoshop version something or other on my computer and also have GIMP, I haven't really played around with those enough to know what I'm doing yet. So I turned to Picnik for my edits.

I first fixed the exposure and contrast. Then I increased the sharpness just a bit. Then I added a faded sepia tone, but enough to keep the color of the red shirt visible. Then I added a light vignette, and added film grain for texture.

Not professional by any means, but fun :)

And there you have it! Go link up your pictures at :)


  1. Cool edit! I've finally signed up for a Photoshop course to start later this month. I've just been using Picasa3 so far. :)

  2. Your so adorable. If you ever want me to run an action on your photos or "color pop" them, just email me and I will help you.

    My light meter in my camera is is too sensitive. I usually mess with the ISO' to get the exposure right. Try using Spot metering when there is back light in the photo, meter off of the subject and you should get an accurate reading.

    My Lightroom trial ran out and I may have to clear out my hard drive to start over. Lightroom and PHotoshop combined are the essentials for me. Someday I will be able to afford those photography plug ins that are $1000 a pop, but not until I have my $3000-$5,000 worth of lenses and my $6000 Mayima medium format camera.

    A girl can dream right?

  3. So awesome. btw your Valentine's banner is gorgeous too!

  4. What a nostalgic look you gave this picture.

    P.S. Do you still want that Fussy baby book? I was going through a bunch of old emails, and saw that one. So sorry for not asking you sooner.

  5. Great job. I love the natural light coming in from the window. It is great that on your edit the window was actually darkened a bit because on the first picture your eye always goes to the brightest point on a picture which is the window. With the edit it is drawn back towards you little sweety.

  6. This is lovely, I love the grain in it.

  7. Gorgeous! I'm loving grain in photos right now. In fact, my bloghop photo has grain, too!

  8. What a sweet picture! You did a great job with fixing the exposure! Thanks for joining in on the fun!


  9. So beautiful... that picture is perfect in the before AND after!! :)

  10. Great pictures! I wish I had a better camera to be able to do that kind of stuff :) I left you an award over at my blog.

  11. Definitely like the edit better! I like that it's a bit softer.

  12. Not playing around with LightRoom yet? It's amazingly easy to learn....


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