Dry Dog

Thanks for all the sweet compliments on the picture of Alli from yesterday's Wordless Wednesday/Black and White installment. You guys were right... she HATES bath time. But since she's an indoor/outdoor dog and sleeps on my couch, she gets baths a couple times a month.

As much as she hates baths, she absolutely LOVES to dry off though. She does this by rubbing her body all over the bottom of the couch (which I then have to clean, thanks Alli!).

Then she runs like a mad dog through every room of the house like she's on speed.
Once she rids her body of all the negative energy she just built up from her bath, she runs to find Jaina, knowing that she'll talk her into giving her a treat.
This time, Jaina gave Alli a big bone to chew on.
Which she then had to try to bury. 'Cause that's what dogs do. 
If she continues to claw my hardwoods and my baseboards, we're gonna have a problem. Jaina intervenes between me and Alli and has the great idea to get her a blanket to hide her bone under.
Crisis averted :) Dog and homeowner are happy.


  1. I love how you include your whole family in pics :) Especially love the winking one ;)

  2. Our dog hates baths as well. And it's funny that he to runs through the house like he's on speed after a bath.

  3. Cute photos! I guess I'm lucky...the people I have to give baths to around here *my hooligans* seem to enjoy it! :)

  4. I know someday we'll get a dog and I'm just not sure how I will handle it. Alli is a good dog though.

    It was so great to visit you today! I have so much fun talking to you. Let's get together for a playdate sometime.

  5. You've won an award... www.thebusheylife.com


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