The SUN is out! I've never been so happy to see the sun ever!! And its the best kind of sunny day.... you know, the ones after days of storms? Where there isn't a cloud in the sky and the sky looks so crystal clear and beautifully blue?

After I got done looking outside the window, I then went to my computer to change my FB status, singing more praise for the sun.

Then I saw on my desktop navigation bar:

Its only 28 degrees outside.


I guess its too much to ask to be sunny AND warm in February, now wouldn't it?

Oh well.

So, I'm sitting here at my computer, next to my husband who is also on his computer, in total silence. Most of the time when my kids are gone from our house, I don't like this silence. Today, however, I think I need it. The silence is absolutely blissful. Yes, I miss my kids, but since I've talked to my mom twice this morning already, I know they are having fun and don't miss me whatsoever. :)

Jayce called me a little while ago from my mom's house. He knows how to dial our home number, my mom's number, and Brian's work number all by himself. So, while my mom was in the kitchen with Jaina, Jayce calls me on the phone.

Here's our conversation:

me, (picking up the phone on the second ring, thinking its my mom on the other end): "That was fast! I told you to call when the kids started getting wild, didn't think you'd call so soon!"

Jayce: Silence

me: "Hello?"

Jayce: "Hello?"

me: "Is this Jayce or Jaina?"

Jayce: "Hi, my name is Jayce."

me: "Hi Jayce! I love you! Are you having fun with grandma?"

Jayce: "You are not mommy. Gray says mommy is in the shower. What's your name?"

me: "No, sweetie, it really is mommy! I'm not in the shower! I'm right here talking to you!"

Jayce: "No, you are in the shower. Gray said."

me: "No, really, I'm not in the shower, I'm on the phone! This is mommy! I haven't taken a shower yet, I'm stinky!!"

Jayce: "Mommy is in the shower. What's your name? Who did I call?"

me: "No, really, its mommy! Mommy loves you! You called me and I answered the phone! Its mommy!.... now go get Jaina or Gray, okay?"

Jayce: "Gray is in the kitchen."

Me: "Okay, tell her that mommy is on the phone!"

Jayce: "You are not mommy, my mommy is in the shower. No phones in the shower."

Me: "Jayce! I'm not in the shower! I'm right here! Go get Grandma or Jaina!"

lots of static and rumbling around...


me: "Hello? Who is this? "

Jaina: "Jaina. Who is this?"

me: "MOMMY!"

Jaina: "oh, hi mommy. Did Jayce call you? Grandma and I were in the kitchen. He said he wanted to call you, but Gray told him not right now, you were probably in the shower."

me: "I've heard!"

Jaina: "Here's Gray..."

Gray: "Are you really there? Did he call you? I had no idea, I was in the kitchen!"

me: "So I've heard!"


Okay, so maybe I miss them a little :)


  1. Haha that is so cute and funny! Sounds like something one of mine would do. I love your v-day layout!

  2. LOL! He is so much fun!

  3. The new header is just phenomenal! I really love it! :)

  4. too funny!!! and i love your new header. so cute!

  5. You could always move to Arizona!

    Totally cute conversation by the way.

  6. Heehee...I hope J recovered from his dramatic phone call ;) It's kind of funny b/c my LO said "Look it's summer" when we saw the sun out today. And then we stepped outside. So. Not. Summer. Brrrrr.

  7. LOL! That was such a cute conversations! I love how insistent he was that you were in the shower. :)

  8. Don't you just love how "maybe" turns into "definitely" so easy? You were "maybe" in the shower, yet what he heard...

    I can't wait to see you soon! I'm planning on driving up to Spartanburg one Saturday to see some aunts, so I'll definitely be in touch!


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