Clean and Snow and a Poll



I believe those two words best described our past weekend. And to be honest, I wasn't excited about either activity.

In some homes Saturday may mean "Fun!" and "Weekend!" and "Family time!" but for us, it means, "Cleaning Day!" Except, without the exclamation point, of course.

Nothing, I mean nothing keeps my husband from enforcing Cleaning Day at our house. Not even snow.

As a born and bred Southern girl (geography only, not culture!), I used to get giddy at the mere prospect of snow. I used to be able to count on two hands how many times I've even seen the real white stuff.

But since its snowed a total of four times this winter in our area, I am starting to realize that snow is not always fun. It can be a big royal pain, too. Like when it cancels Book Clubs and postpones cheerleading games and closes city trash dumps. When frozen roads keep our normally active family housebound.

The kids weren't even excited about this last snow very much at all. Jayce lasted about 5 minutes in the 27 degree morning before announcing, "My face stings and my hands stings and my toes stings. Go inside?"

Jaina made it out for about 30 minutes. Then even she was done.

So we geared up for Cleaning Day at the Walker household.
But first Jaina had to be a mean big sister and take Jayce's sponge away from him and tease him with it just out of his reach. She didn't know I was looking, let alone taking a picture for evidence.

By the time we were done cleaning the entire house, the snow had melted into puddles of slush. 
The weather channel was calling for more snow showers on Sunday night, but thankfully it was too warm for snow. Instead we got 37 degree rain and wind. Not exactly how I wanted to start my week off, but oh well :)

I'm SO ready for Spring! Come on Spring! I want to see green grass and new leaves and (hopefully) my tulips pop up! And warmer temps. I cannot WAIT for those warmer temperatures :)

And you know what else will happen in the Spring? On March 21st, 2010, my husband will finally get a haircut and shave his face.


Which prompted me to add a poll to my side bar. With his permission, of course :)

First, this is what he looked like on April 21st, 2009 mere seconds before shaving his head.

This is what he looks like today:


This is what he looked like before he started growing his hair and beard out:


And this is what my dear husband looked like several years ago before he even tried to have facial hair. This is my personal favorite look for him, but please don't let that influence your vote!


So, there ya have it, folks. Please look at my side bar for all your voting options. Thank you!


  1. I like #3, he has character and it makes him look more mature, if that's possible. He's such a big kid! I like that photo too!

  2. Ok, something feels so wrong about voting on your husbands haircut...You probably won't like my answer, but I will go ahead and give it. ;)

  3. Can I get a hair #2, no beard option? :)
    It's so funny that your kiddos are getting tired of the snow. Mine have to be dragged in, but we've only had 2 short snowfalls this year.

  4. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Normally, I would pick rugged mountain man (you know me!) but for Brian, I like the little bit o' facial hair #3.

  5. Yes, I think the poll should give you the option of choosing the head hair and the facial hair separately, as in: #1 hair, #2/3 beard.

  6. I think today's look is the best. But I love my hubby with a beard and goatee.

    And I love that the kids have sponges with their names on them!

  7. I don't like his facial hair at all so I vote for the last picture.

  8. Rugged mountain man, but you know me! I like 'em hairy. ;)

  9. I am so ready for spring too. It has been a cold winter! I like the clean look #4 and a little scruff #3.

  10. Sorry I'm late in casting my vote but I'm going with the majority anyway so guess it doesn't matter. Wow, the mountain man was a time period I guess I didn't see Brian in. I'm sure he was THRILLED to be the subject of a blog poll. Funny. Very funny that he'll actually (maybe?) go along with the winning opinion. Maybe I should be a poll about my hair color. Also remind me to ask about your Saturday cleaning house choir list. Great job getting the kids in on the action. Looks like they are used to it so must be a regular Saturday thing.


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