While on the topic of haircuts...

I may not be able to control what hair style my husband chooses, nor control how often he gets his hair cut, but I can have some influence on my Mini-Brian, aka my son Jayce.

In years past, we've just given Jayce the easiest quickest buzz haircut with clippers at home that is possible. Why? Cause with his sensory issues, he HATED getting his hair cut. But his longish hair was driving MY sensory issues batty (I have a hard time seeing hair cover his ears, I don't know why!) so I had to do something. Plus, Jayce doesn't like having his hair brushed at all, even with a soft baby brush. He tells me it hurts. Hence, the buzz haircuts.

I used to have to hold him in my lap while my husband wielded the clippers. Or vice versa. It really depended on the parent's patience level at the time and who didn't mind getting hair clippings all over them.

That's mainly in the summer. The past two winters, I've let his hair grow out and I'm starting to like it that way more and more. Jayce finally got used to the at-home haircuts we gave him and they were no longer the problems of years past.

I finally took Jayce to get his first hair cut at a salon right before Thanksgiving last Fall. He did SO well! And then he's asked several times since then to go back to Great Clips to get his hair cut again.

We had an unusual cancellation in our schedule on Thursday so we headed over after picking Jaina up from school.

And after:
Just like with his daddy, no matter how he wears his hair, I love him just the same :)


  1. Such a cutie! I'm so glad that he's doing well with hair cuts. When my LO was about 3, and his hair was finally long enough to cut, a hairdresser let him squirt a water mister all over the place and that's what won him over lol.

  2. He looks so mature for a 4YO...I better not let my 4YO see him with a DS...I told her she can't have one until she is at least 6! Haha! ;)

  3. Cute! I saw your post on voting for your husband's haircut a day too late. Cute idea. I'm sure you are excited for the big haircut day to come. My husband, since I have known him, cuts his own hair! Somehow he's mastered all the clipper settings. Only downfall is all the hair clippings on our bathroom floor and the occassional times he "misses" some spots.

  4. Love your blog! I found you on Mom Bloggers Club:-)

  5. he's so cute. He actually resembles you a lot in this photo.

  6. He looks great with his new haircut. :)

    We haven't taken any of the kids to a proper salon for a haircut yet. So far, we've managed to do them at home... I figure when they're older, it won't be so cool that Mommy's doing their cuts for them, that I'd better do it while I still can. :)

  7. So cute. And of course he has his DS in hand. I used to buzz my boys hair, but now that I have it longer, I love it.

  8. Handsome! Puck used to have the most gorgeous head of think curly hair but then he said he wanted it cut because it was hot and he looked like a girl...We cut it, he loves it, I love him, and I miss the curls! At least Muffin still has them:)

  9. He is just such a handsome little guy!


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