Before and After... but not like usual!

I won't be participating in Monica's Before and After Blog hop at Pixel Perfect today.

Instead, I'll give you another Before and After. My new haircut :) Super exciting, I know :P I've been kind of in a blogging slump lately!

Ah, its the small pleasures in life :)


  1. LOVE it! I've been looking for a new hairstyle and I might have to steal yours :)

  2. you look great jess. but how in the world did i miss capturing your adorable dimples in my drawing of you?? next time!

  3. SUPER exciting! Sometimes all it takes is a great new cut! ;) You look fabulous!

  4. Beautiful! I've been dreaming of getting my hair cut for weeks now. In a fit of I don't know what I hacked at my bangs. Ever since I've been wearing them back in a barrette. I'm inspired now to do a before and after post so you can get a good laugh.

  5. I need a new do! Yours looks great!


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