The Blizzard of 2011: part two

After warming up inside for a while, Jaina and I went on a walk with Shaggy later that afternoon.

Then Jaina attempted a snow angel... only to fall as she was getting up so it ended up being a smooshed angel.

It FINALLY stopped snowing and started sleeting by the time these photos were taken. We convinced Jayce that the sleet would go away soon and to please come outside with us.

Little stinker wouldn't move off the porch!

He didn't even stay outside long enough to see Daddy build us a snowman. I was super impressed with my husband (who grew up in the South!)

Part three coming tomorrow! :)


  1. I love that look of concentrated effort on Brian's face. That first one of Jayce is priceless, but you know that already. Jaina... she looks like she was born to live where it snows! Oh, and that looks like an average day in Spring here. :p So glad you survived the blizzard. (hee!)

  2. Wow, you have so much snow this year!

    I remembered reading how you don't really get much snow where you are. Hmm, I wonder if we will EVER get any snow at all over here... J would be SO happy if that were to happen!

  3. Love it, Jess! Looks like you guys are having a blast. (Let me know if you need any tips for snow shooting ;) )

  4. Anonymous6:16 PM

    These are great! By the time the sleet/freezing rain came, even our dog was falling! lol


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