Everything Under The Sun

That's what my children are allergic to, per skin allergy testing that was done on Wednesday.

I wasn't surprised in the least about Jaina. She's been treated for her allergies from age 2. I know some kids outgrow their allergies, but so far, she's just added new ones each time she is tested.

Here's her list:
Trees- Red maple, cedar, poplar, hickory, sycamore, oak
grasses- grass mix 7
weeds- dock, lambs quarter, ragweed, pigweed, cocklebur
molds- botrytris, penicillium
other- dust mites, dogs (2+), cat (4+)
food- corn

Her allergy symptoms are year round and include:
-nasal drainage
-sore throat
-stuffy nose
-watery eyes

What surprised me was Jayce's list.

Here's his list:
Trees- Red Maple, Box Elder, Willow, Cedar, Ash, Hickory, Pecan, Walnut, Sycamore, Oak. (we have both maples and oaks in our yard)
Grasses- Grass mix 7, Bahia (grass mix includes fescue, which we have)
Weeds- Sorrell, English Plantain, Pasture Sage, Ragweed, Pigweed. (we live in a new development that has empty lots overgrown with weeds)
Molds- alternia, botrytis, aspergillus, mucor, penicillium (NOT penicillin, the antibiotic!), aureobasidium, rhizopus, helminthosporium
other- cockroach, cat (2+) and dog. (yep, we have two indoor dogs)

He tested negative for any foods. He was a 4+ on everything except cat, which is a 2+. Since I'm a 4+ on cats, we'll never have one. I can't even be in the same room as one before I start having an attack.

We're going to try some new allergy meds (DAllergy) because singular, alegra, zyrtec, claritin, flonase, and omnaris weren't doing their jobs.

I think we'll also look into allergy shots. Now, you guys know I am NOT pro-vaxing at all. Its not that I don't believe in immunotherapy, its because I don't like vaccine ingredients. I discussed this fact with the allergist and she assured me that allergy shots contain pure ingredients. Its the extract of the allergen plus glycerin. That's it. Its mixed up right before the shot and expires right after. No preservatives, no live or dead tissues, no nothing.

My kids aren't thrilled about the idea of allergy shots, so we will give the DAllergy a few weeks to try first. And I need to call my insurance company to see what it covers.

No matter how hard I try to control our environment, the plain truth is that we are all allergic to too many things inside and outside that I just can't control. I can dust every day and put covers on the beds; there will still be dustmites. I can ban the dogs from inside; the kids will still pet them and get dander.

Any "been there, done that" advice would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I had allergy shots as a kid. I was EXTREMELY allergic to everything (not food, though), so much that I would sometimes stop breathing or break out in major hives. I had 2-3 years of shots, (hopefully they don't take as long any more)! I'll admit, I remember it and I know I didn't like it, but eventually it's just part of life. It made a HUGE difference for me. I still have allergies, but not any where near as before the shots. I use flonase now and with that I have little to no symptoms. They sucked, they really did, but it was SO worth it!!!

  2. I did allergy shots all growing up from little bitty up through college. I never noticed a big difference. We took Dimetap growing up, but over the counter meds tend to help me these days. Hopefully you'll find something to help! Dogs & cats are the worst for me.

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