I Heart Faces: Smiles

I'm taking a short break in posting my Blizzard photo series in order to get my entry up on I Heart Faces. Even though I've known about the theme for days now, I still haven't taken the time to find a photo to submit. I'm such a procrastinator sometimes!

The wonderfully talented, sweetest, most beautiful International Wedding Photographer Jasmine Star is the guest judge this week. Her blog is so fun and informative! She is such an inspiration to all aspiring portrait photographers. If you haven't already subscribed to her RSS feed, go do it now!

Okay, I'll stop gushing and post my photo.

This is baby L and he just turned 3 months old :) He belongs to one of my friends from college who just happened to be visiting here last week. He is such a happy baby and gave me smiles throughout our entire session :)

Need to brighten up your day? Go check out all the entries over at I Heart Faces!


  1. very nice! love your shot. was this window light or flash? just curious.

  2. Aubrey, it was window light :)

  3. Spontaneous baby shoot. I'm jealous! Him's a cutie pie. ♥ How good this would look in B&W.

  4. what a cutie pie!

  5. oh this is just too cute. Looks like there's an inside joke going on. Love it!

  6. Anonymous6:18 PM



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