The Blizzard of 2011: part three

Last one, I promise!!

So, right after we built our snowman, the freezing rain came down. It left a thick layer of ice on top of our 6+" of snow. Talk about crunchy!

We got Jayce to go out in it!!!

I just love that boy :) I was very thankful he didn't miss out on all the fun!

Because of the ice, he ended up falling down a lot. But he didn't seem to mind.

Sorry for the Jayce overload. I feel like he deserves it since my last two posts were all about Jaina.

Oh, and here is our completed snowman. He is currently unnamed. And as of 3:30 PM today, he is no longer vertical. Damn sun.

I don't know why, but our snowman reminds me of a train conductor.

Look what Jaina found! Its an icy leaf!

and a leafy ice!

Oh, and there's Jaina.

Different day, different hair. Same coat.

I don't know why she doesn't believe in hats. She claims her ears do not get cold.

And I am done. Done with pictures, done with this blog post, done with the slushy melty snow and ice, done with the kids being home from school, and done with 28 degree weather!!!

Spring, where are you???


  1. haha! onto the next thing :)

    i can see the conductor in that snowman too.

  2. Looks like a conductor to me as well.

    We've had 2 big storms in the last week so we've had a ton of snow as well. Thankfully the sun came out today and started melting it, but I hear there may be another storm coming. Days like these make me wonder why I still live in Michigan?

  3. I feel you! We are on our second snow day and I am losing my mind! My 4 year old needs his school and therapy routine. He is driving me crazy. I took them sledding to get out some energy. We have about 3 feet here in CT now, with some snow banks up to 20 feet. It looks like we literally live in Alaska.

  4. Anonymous6:13 PM

    These are beautiful! We did a lot of snow play too! His eyes are so pretty! If I had eyes like that, I'd want to be photographed in snow constantly!


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