20 Weeks

Okay, I promise this won't be another bitch fest. :) Instead, let's focus on the positives of this pregnancy, shall we?

First of all, I've gained a total of 5 pounds. This, my friends, is truly something to celebrate. Granted, I was about 10 pounds over what I normally am to start with, but it was a good weight for me to be at. I've struggled keeping weight on my entire life due to my intestinal condition which does not absorb nutrients from food properly. I even got down to some scary anorexic weights when I was breastfeeding both my other kids. Now that I'm over 30 and my metabolism has slowed a bit, I seem to have lost the "underweight" label that has followed me around my entire life. That's fine by me!

But that doesn't mean I need to gain 60 pounds like I did with Jayce. Don't believe me? Just look:

Um, yeah. I was huge. I think I was only at 36 weeks here. Wait... I think the date on this picture was March 3rd. Jayce wasn't born until April 28th. That's more like 32 weeks!! EEK!

(on a side, note, wasn't 2.5 year old Jaina super cute? And yes, my husband is still a goof)

So, I'm aiming for a nice happy medium. I'd like to gain no more than 30 pounds this time. And since my gestating baby weighs no more than like 8 ounces right now, I'll take the 5 pound weight gain at 20 weeks as a success!

I loathe self-portraits but want to document my pregnancy as best I can. And since my kids tend to cut my head off and my husband tends to zoom in on my boobs, I've learned to use my remote timer :)

I have my target ultra sound next Wednesday afternoon. It will be SO hard to ask the technician to turn the screen. I wonder if I will be able to tell based on profile alone? I can't wait to see our baby :) I was going to let the kids go, but its at a really bad time after school. I will have another u/s at 36 weeks to give me the green light for my birth center birth. They can come with me then.

Most evenings after a long day I can feel the baby move once I lay still. Just a poke here and a flutter there, but reassuring just the same.

20 more weeks, ya'll :) 1/2 way there!!


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