I'm leaving my babies for five straight days. I'm leaving my friends, too. I'm leaving my blog, email, and Facebook world. I'm leaving laundry, dishes, and alarm clocks. I'm leaving car pool lines, packing school lunches, soccer practice, and piano lessons. I'm leaving my van. I'm leaving my dogs.

I'm leaving my life, as I know it, for the better part of a week. I won't be leaving my husband, though, since he's the one taking me!

We are off to Las Vegas, Nevada this morning. I'll be leaving my life in the care of my mom. She's raised four kids; she knows what she is doing. (at least, I think we all turned out okay!).

Jaina cried tonight when I put her to bed. Jayce claimed that he wasn't going to miss me at all.

I found out today that our posh hotel does not have free internet access. That kinda blew my mind! I mean, you can go down the street here to the nearest motel and have free Wi-fi. I'll be taking my laptop just in case, but chances are I won't get online during our trip.

This is my first trip West of the midwest. Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa are as far as I've been across the country. I'm excited to see a new place and experience this so-called "dry heat" that is supposedly very different than our southern humidity.

I am more excited than anything. The excitement has eaten away at the nervousness and guilt I've felt at leaving my kids. I think the truth of this matter is, "Mommy needs a break". And I recognize this. I wouldn't be leaving my children if I didn't think it would do us both a world of good. My kids could do a week without my constantly nagging them. "Did you practice piano yet? No, you may not have a snack 30 minutes before dinner! Go feed the dogs, NOW, like I asked you to three times already!"

This new baby coming in January will change everything. It will change my marriage, my relationship with Jaina and Jayce, our family dynamic as a whole. It will change even my role of Mommy. I will not just have my two independent school aged kids to think about. I will welcome the newborn stage of sleepless nights and constant nursing, but I also realize the deeper commitment I am making to this new son or daughter for the next 2 years. Or, really, 18 years. Being a mommy to a baby is completely different than being a mommy to older kids.

And that is why we are taking this opportunity to sneak away from our every day life. Because soon, I won't be able to. Honestly, I won't want to. I will relish in the fact that my new baby will only want me. Will only be fed by me. Will only drift off to sleep in my arms. I am anticipating that bond with my third child.

But until then, I'm going to take this opportunity to refresh my stores. Hopefully when I come back, Jaina and Jayce will have a refreshed mommy, a less impatient mommy, a less tired mommy, a mommy that doesn't nag quite so much.

Have a wonderful week, my blogging friends! And know that I'll be doing the same!


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