And It's A.....

Healthy Baby :)

Sorry for the "picture of a picture" quality, but we don't own a scanner. Hubby has one at work and that's good enough for him. Honestly, my HS and College friends are probably glad I don't own one at home :)

Anyway, we got to see "Baby J #3" yesterday. Everything looks great! The maternal/fetal specialist had no concerns whatsoever. I don't even have to go back for the rest of my pregnancy! That's how awesome things looked.

My first thought when I saw the baby's profile on screen was, "I really hope that's a boy in there. That's a big nose! I think it would look funny on a girl!" When comparing u/s pictures to that of my other two....


And Jaina:

I realized that the noses weren't that different between kids. But I'm still thinking BOY. What about you??

The tech just had us close our eyes any time she scanned the lower part of the baby. As soon as a leg or foot would be on the screen, she'd tell us it was safe to look. I asked her if SHE was able to see the gender and know what we were having and she said, "Not gonna say."

As soon as the doctor walked in for the consult, the first thing he said was, "And no, I don't know what your baby is. Its not even written down in your chart."

With Jaina, I expected a boy. Girls are a rarity in both Brian and my families. I was very surprised when she was a girl at her 18 week u/s. With Jayce, I knew from the first trimester that he was a boy. I just knew. Not surprised at all when that was confirmed at 19 weeks.

I am feeling boy on this one, but not 100% like I was with Jayce. Here's the thing that's messing me up.... with Jayce, I couldn't eat anything sweet. No cake, no ice cream, no cocoa pebbles in the morning. With Jaina, I craved sweet stuff, especially fruit. Well, if I went on my cravings alone this time, I'd be so quick to think "Girl". But I'm just not sure.

All I can tell you is that I'll be driving myself (and my blog readers and friends IRL) crazy for another 19 weeks. I don't know if I can do this!!! But what choice do I have? If I was going to find out, it would have been yesterday. I think I missed my chance!

So, based on the profile picture alone.... what are you guys thinking? Boy or Girl?


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