Another Pink Blanket

There is no shortage of blankets around this house. We boast a wide selection of quilts, throws, comforters, afghans, baby blankets, and special lovey blankets. I'd say that 50% of our blankets are handmade with the majority of that percentile being crafted by my own mother.

The whole "Pink Blanket" phenomenon started simply enough... back in early December of 1978, my mom stitched together a pink baby blanket for me as she sat by my isolet in the NICU.  The fabric was a cute Winnie-the-Pooh print and the backing was a pink gingham. Who knew that it was to become my favorite blankie in the entire world?

I have to brag that it was still in pretty darn good condition when I passed it onto Jaina in 2002. She didn't start to love it, though, until she was a toddler. She brought her "pink blankie" with her everywhere. My mom started patching up holes every so often. She even went as far as making two new pink blankets with Winnie-the-pooh fabric and pink gingham backing just in case my old blanket fell apart.

Well, it turns out that Jocelyn loves that blanket, too.


Time for Grandma to make a new blanket!

She kept the pink gingham fabric but decided to let Jaina pick out the other fabric for Jocelyn's blanket.

I am sure I'll look back at these pictures and marvel at how bright the fabric is and how clean and new the blanket is. Because if I know any daughter of mine, this blanket is destined to be dragged around to all the corners of this earth. And probably even taken to college.

Thanks mom :) I'm glad someone in our family knows how to sew!


  1. So cute! I love the little label that she sewed on! :)

  2. Awesome! You know we have no shortage of pink blankets around our house too :)


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